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Behind the floral scenes of


Here at Mente Floreale, our floral arrangements are thoughtfully crafted and designed with

love and dedication.

Through the dazzling array of colorful flowers in our floral creations,

we convey the intended emotions when no words are left to express yourself.


Amorphous. Airy. Natural.

As if a garden of flowers is dancing freely in the palm of your hand as you're holding it.  


We draw our inspiration from the beauty and colors of nature to create Korean/Garden-style floral arrangements for you and your loved ones.    



"Mente Floreale" is the Italian translation of "Floral Mind", which is represented in our logo:

a lady with her head brimming with an overflowing abundance of flowers.

We believe that a happy mind is one that is filled with happy thoughts.

And for us, these happy thoughts are about flowers. 

But why the Italian translation though?

Because we simply love how each letter connects to the next when Mente Floreale is written in a calligraphy font.


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Flower arrangement started as a coping mechanism for me to cope with feelings of depression and anxiety back in university. I visited the flower market, bought flowers that caught my eye, and arranged them to keep my mind clear of negativity. Over time, I fell in love with what I was doing, but it was not financially sustainable for me. Hence, I started to craft bouquets and sold them online. 

1.5 years into my journey with flowers, I worked as a retail florist, freelanced for a renowned florist in Singapore, and attended two Korean/Garden style flower arrangement courses so that I can gain exposure and learn from florists whom I admire. After gaining exposure to both the Traditional and Modern style of flower arrangement, I prefer the latter as there is more room for creativity and imagination. 

"Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life"

The decision to pursue a full-time career in floristry was made after I have completed my University. I wanted to do something I love, so this is where I am now.  And I hope to share my love for flowers with you. 

Thanks for popping by! 


Ps; Special thanks to Stella Seetoh for designing our beautiful logo. 

"Flowers grow out of dark moments."

- Corita Kent

With love, Delia Tan.